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Problems starting the engine - Vespa LX 50cc 2stroke

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#1 faelanstevie



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Публикувано 09 March 2018 - 08:46


This has happened intermitantly a few times in the last 2 weeks but it happens evryday now. Always in the morning or after a day of inactivity when I try to turn on the engine using the electric starter it turns but the engines does not want to fire up. I can try doing this for a minute or so and it will not start but when I use the kick start then it fires up first time round.
Also first thing in the morning when I accelerate for the first 10 meters it sounds and feels like it is misfiring. After that it runs fine. Then the third problem is when accelerating of the line it often bogs down and sometimes it looses power so that I need to twist the handle a few times befor eit accelerates. Once it's off and running there are no problems at higher speeds.
I had it derestricted over a month ago but the mechanic did not change the main jet and it was boging down (but not as much as it is now) so I went back to him and it was changed and the carb was tuned. It was running perfectly for 2 weeks then these problems started happening. Does anyone knows what might be wrong?

Please help

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#2 Ицо Стоянов

Ицо Стоянов


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Публикувано 10 March 2018 - 05:47

Hello I had a similar problem with my Italjet 125 4T, but it did not even kick a kick. In my case, the problem was a choke and a prophylaxis of the carburetor. After a visit to the right mechanic, things are good and second season I have no problems. The acceleration problem may also be due to the choke. I wish you success by finding a good mechanic.

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